Friday, June 15, 2007

Sue Scheff talks about WWASPS

Years ago - back in 2000 - I got stung by WWASPS - not a bee but a large organization that not only brainwashed me (in my opinion) - hurt my daughter!

At the time I didn't know my daughter was being harmed, I was being taught, like a good follower - to trust the program. As time went on the trust started getting very thin.

As a good follower I went out and preached (so to speak) the WWASPS program, handed out *flyer's and told whoever would listen. Looking back, I can't believe I actually got sucked in, but if you are desperate with a teen that really needs help, you grasp on to anything that seems promising to make life better.

When I slowly started waking up, I realized I may have made a mistake. By this time, I was one of their best followers and referral parents. They taught us to refer the program and we would not only get free months tuition, we would get $1000.00 if our child was out of the program. Most important we were spreading the word and helping others. That was important to me. (Of course this was before I realized what WWASPS does).

My story, "A Parent's True Story" has been on the Internet ever since I found out what Carolina Springs Academy did to my daughter and WWASPS to me. I exposed them. I got sued - I won in a jury trial - I won again in the Supreme Court of Appeals - THE TRUTH PREVAILED!

Today in 2007 - I have parents that call me and say that WWASPS likes to tell parents I am a disgruntled parent or I am a competitor. Let's clear this up right now.

Yes - I am a disgruntled parent - they hurt my daughter, if someone harms your child - would you be disgruntled? I have turned this experience into positive mission to help others, but to define me as disgruntled is accurate. Ask yourself - would you be after reading my story?

Am I a competitor of WWASPS?
NO! I not only do NOT own any schools or programs of any kind, I do not consult or manage any schools or programs either. WWASPS is an umbrella corporation in which runs a group of schools and programs - I have never done this nor would I want to. My organization - Parents Universal Resource Experts, Inc. (PURE) is a service for parents to give them direction, resources as well as feedback that has been collected on a large number of schools and programs. It is about educating parents in an unregulated industry of "teen help programs" - far from owning or managing any schools or programs. Letting parents know - there is hope! We are parents helping parents! Not running schools or programs.

Then I understand they like to say I continued to refer to WWASPS after I found out what they did to my daughter - that is an outright lie. Remember those *flyer's I told you about earlier that I would pass out as a good follower? They were labeled with my ID Code - so my name was continually pinged as a referral parent months after I discovered the truth. In my opinion, their Marketing Strategy is second to none. It is simply brilliant and even after many discover the truth, if they became a follower, their flyer's are out there too. Continually bringing in more flock.

What is left to discredit me? Well - of course there is the Internet Defamation, or old court documents that we proved were inaccurate. As far as the slander and defamation - I won in a jury trial in 2006 against a woman that accepted money from WWASPS ($12,500.00) and went on a campaign to smear me online. That victory has set precedence in Florida with an $11.3M jury verdict.

The past 8 years have been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster that has finally come to a successful ending. My book "Wits End" will be released in 2008 and will give parents hope, inspiration, courage and resources with at risk teens and pre-teens. Learn from my mistakes - gain from my knowledge.

Are you considering any of these programs? Read my stories first - check out all my Blogs. The choice is yours but as I always say, where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

As of May 2006, it is believed that WWASP aka WWASPS or Premier Educational Systems has affiliations with the following:

Academy of Ivy Ridge, NY (Recently withdrew their affiliation with WWASPS)
Canyon View Park, MT
Camas Ranch, MT
Carolina Springs Academy, SC
Cross Creek Programs, UT (Cross Creek Center and Cross Creek Manor)
Darrington Academy, GA
Help My Teen, UT (Adolescent Services Adolescent Placement) Promotes and markets these programs.
Gulf Coast Academy, MS
Horizon Academy, NV
Lisa Irvin (Helpmyteen)
Lifelines Family Services, UT (Promotes and markets these programs) Jane Hawley
Majestic Ranch, UT
Midwest Academy, IA (Brian Viafanua, formerly the Director of Paradise Cove as shown on Primetime, is the current Director here)
Parent Teen Guide (Promotes and markets these programs)
Pillars of Hope, Costa Rica
Pine View Christian Academy (Borders FL, AL, MS)
Reality Trek, UT
Red River Academy, LA (Borders TX)
Royal Gorge Academy, CO (It is believed that Randall Hinton - who admitted using pepper spray on teens - is employed at this facility and recently arrested).
Sky View Academy, NV
Spring Creek Lodge, MT
Teen Help, UT (Promotes and markets these programs)
Teens In Crisis
Tranquility Bay, Jamaica